If I already have a Will, Do I need Estate Planning?

Estate planning is a much broader concept than just having a will.  Many people have a “one and done” approach and believe that if they have a will, that covers everything.  However, various life changes could mean that your will could become outdated, and if you are unfamiliar with the Estate laws in your State, the provisions of your will could cause issues for future generations.

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Do You Need a Real Estate Attorney?

Whether you are purchasing a home or refinancing your mortgage it is always important to have an attorney review your closing documents and be present at the closing.

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The Downfall of Divorce Without an Attorney:

Divorce is already devastating.  The thought of the financial burden that comes along with it can seem unbearable.  Even the mere fact of having to search for the right Attorney can feel exhausting.

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Smart Steps to Speed Up Attorney Review

Attorney Review can be an exciting but nerve wrecking time.  In an ideal situation, you will put in an offer for a home you love and after some negotiations, the sellers will accept your offer.  Unfortunately, there are many more steps until you are officially a home owner.  First and foremost, you must complete Attorney Review in order to protect your new investment.  The seller has the right to walk away from your offer until Attorney Review is complete and can even choose to accept a more enticing offers.

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Keeping Out of Trouble

It can sometimes seem impossible to keep teenagers out of trouble.  As the saying goes, ‘youth is wasted on the young’ and they can exercise poor judgement in their choice of friends and activities.

What young people may fail to realize, is that if they are ‘hanging out’ with a group of friends and someone in that group decides to do something illegal, they can be considered guilty by association.  They need to always be aware of what is going on around them.

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