Choosing the Wrong Personal Injury Lawyer can Hurt

Choosing the Wrong Personal Injury Lawyer can Hurt

Experiencing an injury at work or through the irresponsibility of another can be very demoralizing and stressful.  However, it is very important to select the best lawyer for your case without letting emotion or feeling like you need to make a quick decision cloud your judgment.

Research is crucial; does the firm you select typically represent the individual/plaintiff or the company/defendant?  Do they have a reputation for compassion?  How are they reviewed online and are they knowledgeable with your type of case?  A preemptive consultation can help narrow down your search but be prepared for either short appointments or one done over the phone; the best attorneys can also be the busiest and lack of free time shouldn’t be seen as a red flag.  Determining what the attorney can do for you when you are an active client is the goal.

Some other items to look for when choosing a personal injury attorney include the decision to choose a lawyer who specializes in a variety of suits vs just the specific area affecting you and your case.  An attorney who settles out of court typically vs one that takes cases to trial.  Does your attorney have a proven track record of generating victories and settlements for their clients? Are they a member of any National groups or have the right resources and connections to give you an advantage?  Have they spoken as a representative of their field or published?  Do they have examples of past cases to provide?

Once a suit has been filed many aspects of your case will be set in stone and not every personal injury lawyer is like the other.  It is important to not just look at the basics or be fixated on an outcome but to choose the best overall attorney for your specific industry, company, injury, location and then begin to focus on other aspects such as rate of work charged and expected outcome/compensation.

You’ve already been hurt by unexpected circumstances – don’t get hurt again by choosing the wrong attorney! At Lanza Law Firm we are always happy to have a conversation to see if we are the right fit for you.   Call us on 908-753-6010.

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