An Attorney is Essential for Small Business

An Attorney is Essential for Small Business

In addition to an Accountant, an Attorney is a necessary partner to your business, one who provides key insights to everything from forming your business all the way through to the more obvious needs such as lawsuits and litigation.

However, if you have an Attorney as part of your team, their main objective is to provide preventative advice.  Many business owners think of the use of attorneys as something to be done as a reactionary measure only, when Attorneys can also check the pulse and overall health of a business and keep them aware of the biggest “risks” and how to avoid them.

You will need to take a look at your business, where it is now and where it is going to identify the types of business law you will need assistance with.  These needs can include:

  • Contract Law: The different forms you will use for employees, clients, vendors, etc.
  • Business Organization Law: What type of business provides the least risk and is most appropriate, where to form, by what means can you create startup capital?
  • Real Estate: Leasing vs. ownership, contract negotiation, document review.
  • Taxes & Licenses: Registering for tax identification number, staying aware of tax consequences of different actions.
  • Intellectual Property: Registration of products and intangible creations.

Some businesses find it prudent to keep an attorney on retainer.  This means that the correct legal talent is always at your disposal.  Or, if you are a smaller business located in one state, it may be prudent to research the best attorney and work with them on a case by case basis for the different items your business needs.  In any event, it is always best to have a relationship with an attorney BEFORE you need one!

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