Young People and the Law

Young People and the Law

As a parent you always worry about your child – are they safe, are they doing the right thing, are their friends influencing them to do things that they shouldn’t. . . .   Then, the inevitable happens – you get the phone call that your child has had a run in with local law enforcement and you are needed down at the police station!

When your child has any issue with the law, no matter what type, it is a big deal!  If it is not handled properly, they can end up with things on their permanent record that will have an effect on their entire lives.

At Lanza Law, we know how to effectively handle all aspects of municipal law from speeding tickets and potential DUI’s to more serious alleged offenses such as possession.

So, when you get that phone call to come down to the police station to deal with something that your child may or may not have done, your next call should be to Lanza Law Firm.  We have the expertise and experience to help you and your family create the best possible outcome.

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